League hands down disciplinary decisions

Montreal, 22 August, 2018

***Press release***

League hands down disciplinary decisions

The disciplinary committee of the Quebec Junior Football League has issued penalties resulting from an altercation between a spectator and a player following the conclusion of the game between the Ottawa Jr. Riders and the Chateauguay Jr. Raiders on Saturday, August 18, 2018:

– the Jr. Raiders player who was involved in the altercation has been suspended for two games effective immediately
– the Jr. Raiders teams has been placed on a two week probation effective immediately

Background information

Immediately following the end of the August 18 game between the Ottawa and Chateauguay teams, after the traditional handshake and as the Jr. Raiders players were walking off the field, an altercation took place between an unruly fan and a Jr. Raiders player. Even though the actual incident was resolved and order was restored quickly, the Quebec Junior Football League disciplinary committee investigated the incident in accordance with its rules and regulations.
The committee interviewed the player who was involved, the coaches and staff members of both teams as well as other witnesses who attended the game. Ultimately, taking into account the detailed nature of the incident as well previous precedent cases, the QJFL disciplinary committee decided to issue the penalties that are described above. It also reminds all of its member teams that it is their responsibility to provide at all games, home and away, a safe and secure field of play for their players and all the spectators .

For any further information please contact the league at qjflstats@hotmail.com