The Shriners, Ottawa Sooners and the QJFL start a new tradition

On Saturday, July 23, 2016 the reigning QJFL champions the Chateauguay Jr. Raiders will face the Ottawa Sooners at the Keith Harris stadium starting at 1 pm. At the end of the game, the Sooners Shrine Bowl will be presented to the winning team and a new annual tradition will be started to benefit the work of the Shriners in their support of hospitals for children and in particular burn victims and those affected by spina bifida. In the years that follow, the tradition will continue with the reigning QJFL championship team playing against the Sooners before the start of each new football season.

This game will be part of a larger event that will include:

  • face painting
  • a half time show
  • music
  • cheerleaders
  • and more!!
  • shriners

    Tickets can already be purchased online at the web site for $15 (plus tax).

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