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2018 – LFJMQ Équipe Étoile / QMJFL All Star Team

The Quebec Major Junior Football League has announced its honorary list of players who have been selected for the 1st and 2nd Team All Stars for the 2018 season. These players will participate in the annual Quebec vs USA all star game. More details will be announced in the follow. read more...

League expands player awards

Since its inception in 1981 the Quebec Junior Major Football League has maintained a consistent structure for recognizing its outstanding players after each season and prides itself on the talent produced from each team year over year. The trophies and awards handed out by the. read more...

2018 Annual Awards Banquet

Cette année, la LFJMQ tiendra son banquet annuel qui reconnaît les meilleurs joueurs pour la saison 2018. La présente est pour vous aviser que le banquet se tiendra le samedi 9 février a 1pm. Prendre note que pour les invités, le coût est de 30 $ pay. read more...

Ottawa Jr. Riders power their way to the 2018 QJFL championship

During most of the first half of this game it looked like the Rive-Nord Sabercats just might be able to pull off another huge upset like they did a week earlier against the Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers in th. read more...

League hands down disciplinary decisions

Montreal, 22 August, 2018 ***Press release*** League hands down disciplinary decisions The disciplinary committee of the Quebec Junior Football League has issued penalties resulting from an altercation between a spectator and a player following the concl. read more...

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