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2016 Annual Banquet Awards

Cette année, la LFJQ tiendra son banquet annuel qui reconnaît les meilleurs joueurs pour la saison 2016. La présente est pour vous aviser que le banquet se tiendra le samedi 19 novembre à midi. SVP, voir l'addresse ci-jointe. Prendre note que pour les i. read more...

Bruizers win thriller in the 2016 QJFL Championship

After upsetting the Chateauguay Raiders in the semi final, the upstart Montreal Royals nearly pulled off an even greater upset in the championship final, but in the end a single point from a missed c. read more...

Montreal Royals dethrone the reigning champions

The Montreal Royals have accomplished what the ÉTS Le Génie team did two years ago by making it to the Joe Pistilli Cup final in their rookie year in the league. The team with a short bench – only 26 pla. read more...

Semi Finals: Royals vs Raiders Preview

The 2016 Joe Pistilli Cup playoffs start this week. Nine weeks of play in the regular season determined the winner of the Cyril B. White Trophy – congratulations to the South Shore Jr. Bruizers – but the battle for the coveted Joe Pi. read more...

Week 8: Raiders lock up second place with a win over Sabercats

The Chateauguay Raiders have locked up second place in the standings and home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs by beating the visiting read more...

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SAT OCTOBER 29, 2016, 8:00 PM
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