Educational Bursaries


Each year the QJFL awards educational bursaries at the QJFL Awards Banquet. The value of the bursaries varies each year depending on the generosity of our sponsors. Since the start of the bursary program in 1996 the league has been able to award bursaries for a total value in excess of $33,000.00 Every player who registers in the QJFL is eligible to apply for a bursary.

The bursary awards have no relationship to your football skills. You can apply as long as you have paid your QJFL registration fee and are or will be attending an educational program that assesses fees to take the program. If you are awarded a bursary you have one year to start the proposed program.

To apply for a bursary all you are required to do is fill out an application form available for download below or you may request a copy from your team manager. You will be requested to tell us in writing (maximum one page) why a bursary would help you to further your development.

After completing the bursary application form you must return it to your team manager by October 1 who will give it to the QJFL league office. The QJFL Bursary Committee will decide which applicants are the most deserving. The decision of awarding a bursary has no relationship to your football skills and the decision of the committee is final. The money for the bursary is paid directly to the institution that you will be attending.

 Download Bursary Application


The QJFL welcomes anyone who would like to sponsor a donation that helps continue our support of educating our youth.
If you would like to participate by sponsoring your own bursary program and help continue the support of educating our youth, please contact us by emailing at