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2018 – LFJMQ Équipe Étoile / QMJFL All Star Team

The Quebec Major Junior Football League has announced its honorary list of players who have been selected for the 1st and 2nd Team All Stars for the 2018 season. These players will participate in the annual Quebec vs USA all star game. More details will be announced in the following months.

Ligne Offensive – Offensive Linemen

1st Team All Star 2nd Team All Star
#55 – Jack Augustin Durant — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord #50 – Alexis Matthieu — Chateauguay Raiders
#52 – Malcolm Desire — Chateauguay Raiders #50 – Kevin John Mathurin — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord
#59 – Joey Pisani — Ottawa Junior Riders #79 – Eric Bento — Ottawa Junior Riders
#55 – Samuel Béliveau — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud #57 – Jonathan Arseneault — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud
#60 – Justin Choquette — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud #77 – Paul Lukusa — Ottawa Junior Riders

Quart-arriere / Quarterback

1st Team All Star 2nd Team All Star
#3 – Étienne Goulet — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud #10 – Anthony Munty — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord

Demi a L’Attaque / Running Backs

1st Team All Star 2nd Team All Star
#37 – Jahdel Ferron — Ottawa Junior Riders #7 – Jevon Taylor — Chateauguay Raiders
#5 – Adam Marapin — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud #1 – Jeff Gay — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord

Receveurs / Receivers

1st Team All Star 2nd Team All Star
#89 – Christopher Valentine — Chateauguay Raiders #1 – Vincenzo Trunzo — Ottawa Junior Riders
#7 – Jaeger Prot — Ottawa Junior Riders #88 – Tavon Hibbert — Ottawa Junior Riders
#6 – Jeanslee Alexis — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord #12 – Alexandre Poulin-Rioux — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud
#5 – Dynell Pierre — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord #13 – Antoine Coté — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud
#21 – Vincent Hamel — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud #3 – Brandon Parent — Chateauguay Raiders

Ligne Defensif / Defensive Linemen

1st Team All Star 2nd Team All Star
#44 – Darryl Jean-Baptist — Ottawa Junior Riders #9 – Sanders Armand — Chateauguay Raiders
#92 – Steve Arce Villegas — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord #91 – Mathieu Labelle — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord
#45 – Tyler Andreoli — Chateauguay Raiders #99 – C.J. Wallace — Ottawa Junior Riders
#47 – Zachary Gagnon-Blais — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud #90 – Anthony Noel — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud

Secondeurs / Linebackers

1st Team All Star 2nd Team All Star
#6 – Bruno Philippe Defosses-Simard — Chateauguay Raiders #41 – Austin MacKay — Ottawa Junior Riders
#11 – Wily Labrecque — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord #14 – Jeremie Pozywiak — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord
#19 – Bamki Adewalle — Ottawa Junior Riders #37 – Jevon-Jordan Richards — Chateauguay Raiders
#7 – Anthony Boone — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud #48 – Donovan McLean — Ottawa Junior Riders

Demi a la Defensif / Defensive Secondary

1st Team All Star 2nd Team All Star
#0 – Loic Perrier — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord #82 – Samuel PAatrick Mistiva — Chateauguay Raiders
#20 – Jordon Gorgichuck — Ottawa Junior Riders #31 – Xavier Parent — Sabercats de la Rive-Nord
#5 – Nicki Plourde — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud #21 – Philip Jean-Baptist — Ottawa Junior Riders
#8 – Edwouard Valme — Chateauguay Raiders #49 – Nathanael Berlus — Chateauguay Raiders
#4 – Kervin Laguerre — JR Bruizers de la Rive-Sud #2 – Justin Butler — Ottawa Junior Riders

League expands player awards

Since its inception in 1981 the Quebec Junior Major Football League has maintained a consistent structure for recognizing its outstanding players after each season and prides itself on the talent produced from each team year over year.

The trophies and awards handed out by the league each year consisted of three categories:

1. Each week during the regular season, players who distinguished themselves with outstanding plays on offense or defense were rewarded with the Player of the Week honors
2. At the end of the season, the best players in the league were nominated to the All-Star team
3. At the end of season awards banquet, five players would receive one of the five major awards, which included: – defensive player of the year – offensive player of the year – rookie of the year – league’s most valuable player – special teams player of the year In addition, the Coaching Staff of the Year trophy is also presented at the awards banquet.


At the most recent meeting of the league governors and executives this past December, however, a proposal was put forward to expand the list of award categories in order to better reflect the different roles that players have on a football team. After a lengthy and detailed discussion, a motion was passed to modify the awards categories as follows:

a. The outstanding offensive and defensive player awards, as well as the award for the outstanding special teams player will remain
b. The rookie of the year award will be split into separate awards for players on offense and defense
c. The league’s most valuable player award will also be split into awards for offensive and defensive players
d. A new award for the outstanding kicker has been added

Also, instead of a single All-Star team selection, the league’s outstanding players will now be recognized for their performance on the field with nominations to either the 1st team all stars or the 2nd team all-stars.

The player of the week awards will be discontinued.

All the new award categories will be presented at the upcoming banquet on Saturday, Feb. 9, 2019.

2018 Annual Awards Banquet

Cette année, la LFJMQ tiendra son banquet annuel qui reconnaît les meilleurs joueurs pour la saison 2018.

La présente est pour vous aviser que le banquet se tiendra le samedi 9 février a 1pm.

Prendre note que pour les invités, le coût est de 30 $ payable en avance par l’équipe. Invité veut dire toute personne qui n’est pas officiellement enregistré avec la LFJMQ sous contrat.

Veuillez svp informer les joueurs, entraîneurs et invités du code vestimataire. Habit-cravate si possible, sinon au moins PAS DE JEANS ET CASQUETTES.

Veuillez consulter notre événement Facebook


This year, the QMJFL will host its annual All Star Awards Banquet to acknowledge the achievements players have made throughout the 2018 season.

The All Star Banquet will be held on Saturday, February 9 at 1:00 pm.
Please note that the venue has changed and is not at the same location as last year.

The cost for each guest is $30 and payable in advance BY THE TEAM. Anyone who does not hold a paid QMJFL contract, is considered a guest.

Dress code is jacket and tie, if possible, and if not, NO JEANS and NO HATS.

Tables will be seated by team, and there will be no rearranging of tables, or changing the number of those attending after that date.

Let everyone know your going on our Facebook Event

Hellenic Meeting and Reception Centre
1315 Prince of Wales Drive
Ottawa ON
K2C 1N2

Ottawa Jr. Riders power their way to the 2018 QJFL championship

During most of the first half of this game it looked like the Rive-Nord Sabercats just might be able to pull off another huge upset like they did a week earlier against the Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers in the semi final game as they built up a 13-3 lead and appeared to be in control of the game. However, the Jr. Riders scored a TD just before the half time break, made some adjustments that let them dominate the play on the field in the second half and ended up winning 30-13.

After a ceremonial kickoff by the current QJFL president Paul Renaud, who was accompanied by past presidents Joe Pistilli and Don Stark, the Jr. Riders went on offense first starting from their own 35-yd line and with four quick plays got a first down at the Sabercats 41-yd line. On the two plays, though, they could only get one yard closer and Jonah Zlatinsky then attempted a 47-yd field goal. The kick was on target but just a couple of yards short and Jeff Guay was able to return the ball all the way back to the Jr. Riders 53-yd line.
After forcing the Sabercats to go two-and-out on the ensuing possession, the Jr. Riders then mounted their second offensive series of the game from their own 20-yd line and with a mixture of runs and passes got a first down at the Sabercats 26-yd line. After gaining five more yards on the next two plays, Zlatinsky redeemed himself with a perfect 28-yd field goal to give the home team a 3-0 lead.

After the teams exchanged punts, the Sabercats started their 3rd offensive series of the game from the Ottawa 43-yd line thanks to a 15-yd “no yard” penalty against the Jr. Riders on a punt return and three plays later they had a first down near the red zone. Anthony Muntu then three a 24-yd pass to Dynell Pierre in the end zone on the last play of the 1st quarter to put his team in front 7-3 (Joel Viel convert kick).

The two teams then exchanged a series of two-and-outs before the Sabercats went back on offense from their own 34-yd line. Using a mixture of runs and passes they got a first down at the Ottawa 25-yd line. After Guay gained three yards on a carry, Muntu threw a 22-yd TD pass to Hall Antoine to increase the Sabercats lead to 13-3 (convert kick blocked).

After another exchange of punts it looked like the 13-3 score would hold up until the half time break, especially after the Jr. Riders go the ball back on their own 26-yd line with only 40 seconds left on the game clock. Ottawa then executed three plays and on each one the Sabercats defense was assessed a major penalty, which gave the Jr. Riders a first down just a yard outside the end zone with 1Jr. Ridersfor a procedure penalty, the Jr. Riders then scored their first TD of the game when Alex Gauthier threw a 6-yd pass to Jaegar Prot to narrow the gap to 13-10 (Zlatinsky convert kick).

The 2nd half started with a series of two-and-outs by both teams until mid way through the 3rd quarter when the Sabercats lined up for a punt. Their kicker, however, wasn’t able to control the ball on the snap and was tackled by Liam Paquette at the 23-yd line. Ottawa offense then went on the field and on the next two plays, Jahdel Ferron carried the ball to the 1-yd line before Tyler Scott, who took over at the QB position, scored a TD on a QB sneak to give Ottawa a 17-3 lead that they would never relinquish.
Ottawa got the ball right back on the ensuing kickoff when they were able to make contact with it before it went outJr. Ridersafter, Zlatinsky added to the Jr. Riders defense continued to apply pressure and they forced the Sabercats to punt on the ensuing possession, letting the Ottawa team go back on offense starting from their own 39-yd line. They then executed an 8-play, 71-yd scoring drive, with seven of those plays being handoffs to Ferron, who finally got into the end zone from a yard out to widen the gap to 27-13.

The next offensive series by the Sabercats was cut short with an interception by Austin Mackay and after another exchange of punts, Zlatinsky finished the scoring with a 16-yd FG to make the final score 30-13.

At the end of the game, the following players were recognized for their outstanding performances:

#1 from the Sabercats, Jeff Guay was selected as the game’s MVP Offense

#41 from the Jr. Riders, Austin Mackay was selected as the MVP Defense

#37 from the Jr. Riders, Jahdel Ferron was selected as the Game MVP.

The entire Sabercats team also presented a commemorative plaque to their head coach Pierre Fauvel who was retiring from amateur football after the game.

Past and present league presidents presenting the Joe Pistilli Cup to the Ottawa Jr. Riders team captain

A complete game summary and general stats are shown in the PDF document below.

League hands down disciplinary decisions

Montreal, 22 August, 2018

***Press release***

League hands down disciplinary decisions

The disciplinary committee of the Quebec Junior Football League has issued penalties resulting from an altercation between a spectator and a player following the conclusion of the game between the Ottawa Jr. Riders and the Chateauguay Jr. Raiders on Saturday, August 18, 2018:

– the Jr. Raiders player who was involved in the altercation has been suspended for two games effective immediately
– the Jr. Raiders teams has been placed on a two week probation effective immediately

Background information

Immediately following the end of the August 18 game between the Ottawa and Chateauguay teams, after the traditional handshake and as the Jr. Raiders players were walking off the field, an altercation took place between an unruly fan and a Jr. Raiders player. Even though the actual incident was resolved and order was restored quickly, the Quebec Junior Football League disciplinary committee investigated the incident in accordance with its rules and regulations.
The committee interviewed the player who was involved, the coaches and staff members of both teams as well as other witnesses who attended the game. Ultimately, taking into account the detailed nature of the incident as well previous precedent cases, the QJFL disciplinary committee decided to issue the penalties that are described above. It also reminds all of its member teams that it is their responsibility to provide at all games, home and away, a safe and secure field of play for their players and all the spectators .

For any further information please contact the league at

Making History!

On Saturday, June 9 2018, two players of the QJFL, (QUÉBEC Junior Football League), made history! Both of these young men, who are registered with the Châteauguay Junior Raiders, dressed for the CFL Montreal Alouettes’ pre season game, at Molson Stadium. Chris Valentine ( 72 )played for a series and made history by being the first territorial protected Junior football player to play in a CFL game. Jevon Richardson ( 50 ) was dressed and ready to step in when called. They are both territorial protected by the Montreal Alouettes as of last week . Congratulations to both of our Junior players. The QJFL is proud of you both.

Chris Valentine - Jevon Richardson
Chris Valentine (left), Allen Ramsey (Center), Jevon Richardson (Right)

2018 Sandy Ruckstuhl Memorial Golf Tournament

The QJFL would like to extend an invitation to the Annual Sandy Ruckstuhl Memorial Golf Tournament held this year on Friday August 10, 2018 in support of the Myers Riders and Junior Riders Football Clubs. All are welcome for this fun filled event!

Sandy Ruckstuhl Memorial Golf Tournament

Registration: 11 a.m.
Shot-Gun Start: 1 p.m.
Format: Best Ball Foursome
Cost: $ 500 / foursome or $125 / golfer
Includes carts, boxed lunches, dinner and prizes.
Prizes / Raffles: There will be something for everyone

Sandy Ruckstuhl

1170 Chemin d’Aylmer,
Gatineau, Quebec,
J9H 7L3,


Want to be a sponsor?

If you are interested in sponsoring a Hole for $100, let us know! We appreciate donations and sponsorship for this tournament. Email or visit

How do i register?

You can register online Register Here or you can download the registry form and mail to the following address:

* Mailing Address
30 Kirkstall Ave,
Ottawa, Ontario,
K2G 3M5


If you have any questions please, email or visit

Visit our Proud Sponsors


QJFL – All Star Classic vs USA

The Quebec Junior Football League is proud to announce an international football match between a team composed of its 2017 All Star players and the Saxons football team from Alfred University Football in the Finger Lakes region of New York state. The game will take place on Saturday May 19th at 20h (8pm EDT) at Seaway Park in St-Lambert, Quebec with the goal of making this an annual event. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for youngsters up to 12 years of age.

Come and join this exciting event and support your junior players from across the league.

RSVP to the game!

La Ligue de Football Junior du Québec est fière d’annoncer une partie de football internationale opposant l’équipe de ses joueurs étoiles de la saison 2017 et les Saxons de l’Université Alfred dans la région de Finger Lakes à l’état de New York. Ce match inaugural d’une nouvelle tradition annuelle aura lieu samedi, le 19 mai à 20 heures au Parc Seaway de St-Lambert. Les frais d’entrée sont 10 $ pour les adultes et 5 $ pour les jeunes de 12 ans ou moins.

Venez vous joindre à cet événement excitant et soutenez vos joueurs juniors de toute la ligue.

RSVP to the game!

Les Raiders de Châteauguay JR inviter tous à nos camps d’essais

Les Raiders de Châteauguay JR; Les champions de la LQJF 2015 et 2017 aimeraient vous inviter tous à nos camps d’essais et d’entraînement le 3 mars 2018; l’heure sera à 19 h au soccerplexe Catologna Lachine. Il y aura une charge de 10 $ à payer pour l’utilisation du terrain.

Châteauguay Raiders

The Châteauguay JR Raiders; champions of the QJFL 2015 and 2017 would like to invite you all to our tryouts and training camp March 3rd 2018; the time will be 7 pm at the soccerplexe Catologna Lachine. There will be a 10$ charge to pay for the use of the field.

Soccerplexe Catologna Lachine
775 1re Ave, Lachine,
QC H8S 2S6

2017 Educational Bursary Winners

Each year the QJFL is proud to awards educational bursaries at it’s QJFL Awards Banquet. Since the start of the bursary program in 1996, the league has been able to award over $50,000 in bursaries to players who have registered with the Quebec Junior Football League.


The league is grateful to have so many generous bursary sponsors over the years and wish to extend a big thank you for there contributions helping players seek their educational goals.

The following bursaries have been awarded at this years 2017 annual banquet. We hope this will encourage all players to apply each year.

Alouettes Foundation Bursary
Presented by Luc Brodeur-Jourdain and Mikaël Charland
Adam Sirhan
Adam Sirhan
Junior Bruizers de la Rive-Sud
Kelvin Kirk Legacy Foundation Bursary
Presented by Luc Brodeur-Jourdain and Mikaël Charland
Jonathan Cimankinda
Jonathan Cimankinda
Ottawa Junior Riders
Bennett Family Bursary
Presented by Luc Brodeur-Jourdain and Mikaël Charland
Malik Sydney-Antoine
Malik Sydney-Antoine
Chateauguay Raiders
Quebec Junior Football League Bursary
Presented by Luc Brodeur-Jourdain and Mikaël Charland
Phillippe Carrier
Phillippe Carrier
Junior Bruizers de la Rive-Sud
Graduor Inc. Bursary
Presented by Luc Brodeur-Jourdain and Mikaël Charland
Christopher Valentine
Christopher Valentine
Chateauguay Raiders
Derrick Crowder Memorial Bursary
Presented by Luc Brodeur-Jourdain and Kim Crowder
Ryan McNamee
Ryan McNamee
Ottawa Riders