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QJFL Launches New Stats Program

The Quebec Junior Football League is proud to launch its Statistics Program on its recently revamped website. This has been a long time coming and we are finally here!

QJFL is one of the very few leagues in Canada that provide readily available statistics year after year. We know how important statistics are to individual players as well as coaches as they try to find new ways of getting the upper hand on their competition.

Now players, coaches and fans can view the cumulative statistics of any player throughout the regular and post seasons. Players can now keep track on how they match up to other players during a season and refer to their historical stats. Coaches can quickly make game changing decisions based on this collective information at hand.

The QJFL is proud of its talented players and with the new statistical program, we hope that it brings the attention of recruiters that can help carry on a player’s skills and drive to continue playing their love of the game.

With this launch we expect a few improvements to be made along the way adding more value for your viewing.

Share this exciting news with your friends and family and showcase your accomplishments.

Click here to view our new Statistics page

Week 4: Une 4ième victoire signée DÉFENSIVE

Comme on le dit: les offensives gagnent des matchs, mais les défensives remportent des championnats!
Hé bien les Jr Bruizers qui seront à mi-saison ce week-end alors qu’ils rendront visite aux Royals de Montréal ont accordés un total de 27 points cette saison, moins de 7 par match.

En début de match contre les Sabercats alors orchestraient leur première séquence offensive, le quart Kevin Turcotte sous pression a vu sa passe interceptée par le demi de coin Olivier Albert, qui s’est retrouvé en zone payante, 63 verges plus loin.

L’attaque des Bruizers qui peinait à s’organiser en début de match a pu profiter de l’avance de 8 points gracieuseté de Albert et Simoneau afin de retrouver son synchronisme.
Gabriel Samné a été le premier joueur offensive à franchir le Zone des buts, suite à une passe précise du Quart Casey. Simoneau allait ajouter 3 points avant la mi-temps, le compte était de 18-0.

En relève à Casey peu avant la mi-temps, Alexandre Poulin-Rioux profita de la deuxième mi-temps pour assurer aux Bruizers qu’il sera solide en relève en cas de blessure. Il en profita pour connecter avec Jeremy Lallier sur 30 verges pour inscrire le second majeur du match et distribuer le ballon au champs arrière en plus de porter le ballon lui-même à 3 reprises.
Le joueur recrue Xavier Noel cumula 107 verges au sol en 13 portées, son premier match de 100 verges dans l’uniforme des Jr Bruizers et Simoneau ferma les livres au 4ième quart avec un placement de 21 verges.

Compte final 28-4 en faveur des locaux.
Outre Albert, Plourde a réussi une interception et un retour sur 30 verges. Dupuy, Blanchard-Rousseau et Arsenault ont aussi démontrés pourquoi ils ont été sélectionnés sur l’équipe d’étoiles de la LFJQ en 2015 en cumulant 17 points défensifs à 3. Au total 17 joueurs défensifs ont cumulés des points dans ce match… DÉFENSIF.
Seule ombre au tableau chez les Jr Bruizers, un total de 10 pénalités pour 95 verges.

La préparation chez les Rouges sera autour de l’attaque en vue du match de samedi à 19h30 à St-Léonard, ce match sera le premier au Stade Hébert pour une équipe Junior de la Rive-sud depuis la victoire des Packers Junior en grande finale sur les Sooners d’Ottawa… Il y a 21 ans!


Week 4: Raiders edge out the Royals in a punting battle

The second encounter of the season between the upstarts Montreal Royals and the veterans Chateauguay Raiders proved to be just as close and hard fought as the first one. In the end, the Royals’ inability to kick a convert proved to be their downfall.

The Raiders took an early lead in the game when they put together an impressive 10-play, 80-yd drive on their second possession, methodically moving the ball down field and finishing with a 5-yard TD run by Ryan Forrest to go in front 6-0 (convert kick failed).

After both teams punted on their ensuing drives, the Royals then started the first drive of the second quarter from their own 23-yd line and they used a mix of six runs and two passes to score a TD on a 3-yd run by Dynell Pierre and tie the game at 6-6, which stood up until the half time break (convert kick failed).
In the third quarter, both teams played cautiously and all seven possessions, four by the Raiders and three by the Royals, ended with punts.

At the start of the fourth quarter, the Royals appeared poised to score some points with a 3rd down and eight at the Raiders 30-yd line but instead of attempting to kick a 37-yd field goal into a strong wind, they went for it but came up less than a yard short and turned the ball over on downs.

Mid way through the 4th quarter, the Raiders used that wind to their advantage and took a 7-6 lead when Remi Hort punted the ball 65 yards through the Royals end zone for a rouge. However, the Royals responded immediately with a 6-play, 75-yd drive that finished with a second touchdown of the game by Pierre, this time on a 40-yd run, to take a 12-7 lead with 2:54 left to play (convert kick failed).

The Raiders then got the ball at their own 42-yd line and it looked like their chances of winning were gone when they went for it on 3rd and 10 and the play was an incomplete pass, but they got a new lease on life when the Royals were called for too many players and instead of turning the ball over, the Raiders had a new set of downs near mid field. Three plays later, they were faced with a 3rd and two at the Royals 36-yd line but Ryan Forrest took the handoff from Mario Porreca and ran for six yards and a first down. On the next play, Porreca delivered a perfect pass to Daniel Mancini in the back of the end zone to put the home team back in front 14-12 (Hort convert kick).

The Royals offense then went back on the field starting from their own 18-yd line and 0:58 left on the clock and they were able to get to the Raiders 43-yd line, but on the last play of the game, a pass by Dynell Pierre was intercepted by Jevin Jordan Richards and the game was over.

Attendance – approximately 60-80


Premier Quart / First Quarter
Chateauguay Jr. Raiders – TD, Ryan Forrest 5-yd run (convert kick failed) 12:43
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
Montreal Royals – TD, Dynell Pierre 3-yd run (convert kick failed) 7:20
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
pas de pointage / no scoring
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
Chateauguay Jr. Raiders – Rouge, Remi Hort 8:54
Montreal Royals – TD, Dynell Pierre 40-yd run (convert kick failed) 12:06
Chateauguay Jr. Raiders – TD, Daniel Mancini 30-yd catch (Remi Hort convert kick) 14:02

Photo information:

1 – Jean-Philippe Frenette kicks one of his eight punts
2 – Jelani McLaren returning a punt
3 – Brandon Hart and Jeff Gay go after a fumble
4 – Ryan Forrest on his way to scoring the first TD of the game
5 – Dynell Pierre makes a diving catch

Week 3: Bruizers win rematch of last year’s Joe Pistilli Cup

The South Shore Jr. Bruizers served notice to all the teams in the league that they are serious about winning the Joe Pistilli Cup this year as they easily defeated the defending champions the Chateauguay Raiders 43-0 and remain the only unbeaten team so far.

Prior to the game, the Chateauguay Raiders paid a special tribute to the late Bruce Bennett by inviting his family for a ceremonial kickoff in the company of Chateauguay’s mayor as well as a representative of the local MNA.

After the singing of the Canadian national anthem, the game got under way and, as it turned out, Louis-Philippe Simoneau gave the visitors all the points that they would need when he booted the ball 70 yards and out the side of the Raiders end zone on the opening kickoff for a rouge and a quick 1-0 lead.
The Jr. Bruizers defense then forced the Raiders to go two-and-out and after a 21-yd punt by Remi Hort and a no-yards penalty against the Raiders, the Jr. Bruizers offense went to work from the Raiders 50-yd line. Six plays later they had a first down just 10 yards outside the end zone and on 2nd down, the Jr. Bruizers QB Stephen Casey swept to the outside and ran eight yards without being touched to score the game’s first TD and increase his team’s lead to 8-0 ( Simoneau convert kick)

The ensuing drives by each team were almost identical to the first ones as the Raiders punted again when they had the ball while the Jr. Bruizers put together a six-play, 54-yd drive that finished with a 20-yd TD catch by Jeremy Lallier that made the score 15-0 for the visitors. The first quarter finished with the Jr. Bruizers leading 17-0 after the Raiders conceded a safety.
The Raiders started the 2nd quarter by conceding another safety but their defense tightened up and they limited the r. Bruizers to a field goal and a touchdown that made the score 28-0 for the visitors at the half time break.

The Jr. Bruizers then opened the 2nd half with a 66-yd scoring drive, finishing with a 4-yd TD catch by Matthew Veiga, that made the score 35-0 and, in accordance with new rules, put the game clock into a continuously running mode. While the Raiders offense did not manage to get into the Jr. Bruizers side of the field and punted on each one of its three drives, the visitors added one more touchdown and a rouge to make the final score 43-0.

Casey stood out on offense, completing 16 of 20 passes to six different receivers for 274 yards, four TDs and no interceptions while scoring one TD himself. On defense, Kevin Cronn and Jevin Jordan Richards led the Raiders by making most of the tackles.

Attendance – approximately 160-180


Premier Quart / First Quarter
Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers – Rouge, Louis-Philippe Simoneau, kickoff through end zone 0:00
Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers – TD, Stephen Casey 8-yd run (Louis-Philippe Simoneau convert kick) 5:48
Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers – TD, Jeremy lallier 20-yd catch (Louis-Philippe Simoneau convert kick) 11:36
Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers – Safety, conceded by Remi Hort 14:22
Deuxième Quart / Second Quarter
Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers – Safety, conceded by Remi Hort 1:38
Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers – FG, Louis-Philippe Simoneau, 27-yd 8:46
Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers – TD, Gabriel Semme 20-yd catch (convert kick failed) 12:02
Troisième Quart / Third Quarter
Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers – TD, Matthew Veiga 4-yd catch (Louis-Philippe Simoneau convert kick) 2:56
Quatrième Quart / Fourth Quarter
Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers – TD, Alexandre Poulin-Rioux 43-yd catch (Louis-Philippe Simoneau convert kick) 2:40
Rive-Sud Jr. Bruizers – Rouge, Louis-Philippe Simoneau on missed FG 14:00

Photo information:

1 – Introduction of the Bruce Bennett family during pre-game ceremonies
2 – Stephen Casey gets ready to make a pass
3 – Louis-Philippe Simoneau gets into one of his booming punts
4 – Ashton Thibeault makes a spectacular catch